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Trish Scott, the owner of Get Tidy With Trish, thrives on helping people reimagine their living and work spaces. She has more than 20 years of experience in evaluating and re-organizing work spaces, offices and homes.

Before founding her business in 2014, Trish had a long career in physical therapy, which included 20 years of working in the ergonomics field. As an ergonomics expert and PT practitioner, Trish visited workplaces and evaluated their safety and ease of use, made recommendations for changes to the workplace, and taught employees and managers how to implement company-wide initiatives to avoid workplace injuries. Trish has also worked as an EMT, firefighter, finance assistant, and caretaker for the elderly.

The common thread in all of her work has been and continues to be helping people. Trish offers compassionate guidance and expertise to her organizing clients. She strives to diminish the stress associated with clutter, moving, hoarding, and major life transitions. Trish helps her clients reclaim their home and work spaces with a customized organizational system that meets their specific, day-to-day needs.

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