Donating the Items

You’re Willing To Let Go

Our services include helping you find appropriate charities or locations where your no‑longer-needed items will be valued and put to good use. Because of her background in theater, physical therapy, home care and community service, owner Trish Scott has many connections and can usually find new homes for possessions that you’re ready to let go.

Trish recently sent a client’s large ostrich fan to a theater group as a donation. Small items and costume jewelry are often donated to nursing homes to be used as Bingo prizes. Boots, sturdy clothes and backpacks may be donated to homeless shelters; furniture is gifted to those in the community who provide services to refugees and other people in need. Trish just sent a client’s no longer needed medical supplies and furniture to Konbit Sante to be used in Haiti at a hospital.

If you’d prefer to sell your items, Trish can connect you with antique dealers, consignment shops and auctioneers who can evaluate and advise you on the value of your items.

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