Approach to Organizing

There are two basic approaches to organizing: organizing on a room-by-room basis or organizing by category. The most popular method is to organize your possessions one room at a time. The upside of this approach is that you can point to a room as finished and have a sense of measured accomplishment by finishing one space at a time. It works, but you will often be moving the same item several times.

Another option is to organize by category. This is what Marie Kondo writes about in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. As you gather up all of the items in a given category and sort through them, you can decide what stays or goes and then assign a home for each one that you keep. Bringing items in the same category together in one place and sorting through them helps you see the quantity of what you have, which tends to help in deciding to let some of those possessions go.

Organization That Works for You

Those are the two paths our clients usually take, but the real question is, what is going to work for you? Our job is to find out what approach, methods and support can help you the most now and in your everyday life going forward. Usually the existing organizational system you have is one you’re not able to follow or don’t like, or perhaps you’ve never had the time or motivation to establish an organizational system.

Looking at where your stuff lands can help us form the basis for an organizational system for the future that is designed for you — for your daily routine, your schedule and everyday needs. We can start small. For example, if you have a collection of items that habitually lands on a table by the door, perhaps adding a key hook, a mail basket, hooks for purses or backpacks, and similar organizational tools can make the space function better for you.

I have a wealth of experience in helping people organize their spaces. I bring compassion and a sense of humor to the often-emotional task of organizing your belongings.

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