You may have noticed in your own life how much easier it is to help someone else to organize, but how much harder it is to organize your own space and possessions. Get Tidy With Trish provides services for organizing your home, office or other space, in addition to providing deep cleaning and move-related support.

Are You

  Downsizing to a smaller place?
  Moving into (or out of) your home?
  Wanting to clear your space of clutter?
  Wishing your living space was clear, beautiful and nourishing?
  Finding it hard to let go of things because of the memories they hold?
  Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin?
  Don’t want to put useable things in the trash?
  Ecologically and financially conscious?
If any of these apply or you just need an objective perspective on keeping your things and spaces tidy, Get Tidy With Trish can help. When you hire Get Tidy With Trish, your needs come first. Owner Trish Scott will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs, lifestyle and your budget.

Organizing for the Home

At Get Tidy With Trish, we specialize in helping folks organize their homes, rooms, offices and apartments. Whether you’re living in a micro apartment with no room to spare and need a closet that holds everything, or you need a full home or office reorganization before a move or other transition, we’re here to help.

GTWT owner Trish Scott keeps her organizing services goal-oriented and offers compassionate guidance in reimagining your spaces and helping you to let go of possessions that are no longer useful. As an impartial third party, Trish can help you sort through possessions and classify them in the categories of must have, maybe or let go. Drawing on her experience in physical therapy and elder care, Trish is skilled in creating a safe and functional environment for people with physical limitations. 

Organizing for the Office

With office organizing, our goal is to help business owners reclaim their spaces and set up a functional organizational system that looks professional. Drawing on her background in ergonomics and physical therapy, GTWT owner Trish Scott can help you position office furniture, computers, cubicles and supplies for easy and convenient access.

Trish can help you make the most of a limited office space, establish filing systems and implement order in your office. We also offer move-related cleaning and organizing services if you’re moving your office.

Deep Clean

C leaning is really part of organizing. It makes sense to place clean items on clean shelves in an orderly fashion. In order to complete the job, the space where items are stored needs to be clean, as do the items themselves. This also sets the tone for continued new habits/practices for staying organized.
A  deep clean is often needed when moving in or out of a space. If you’re leaving a home or office, you want to leave a space as clean as possible to maximize the selling price or maintain a positive relationship with your landlord. And everyone who is moving into a new space wants it to be clean! Moving a house or office can be stressful and a deep clean once the space is empty or before you move in is very useful — and it’s often the last thing you want to do when moving! Let us do it for you.

Moving & Transitions

We help those who are moving by establishing a sorting process and then providing support during packing. We can also help you on the other end when you are unpacking and setting up the new space, which is a great opportunity to find and create homes for items right from the beginning.

We Can Bring the Muscle!

Get Tidy With Trish has a team of organizing assistants who can help as needed for a heavy cleanout, or just moving items around that are too much for one person to handle.

Tidy Up, Lighten Up

At Get Tidy With Trish, our goal is to help people tidy up and lighten up. We’ll help you sort through the things that are holding you back so you can get out there and enjoy your life.



Simplify the transition to a new phase of life with expert organization.


Implement a new organization system to fight the clutter!


Let go of possessions that are holding you back, mentally and physically.


Gift your possessions to people in need.


Find a place for everything, in a way that works for you.


Packing, unpacking, cleaning and sorting: we’ll do it all.

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